Marine Protected Areas

In addressing this topic, the Foundation launched a project in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea, aimed at promoting marine protected areas. The main objective was to spread and improve a perception of these areas as differential resources which are able to contribute to the development sustainability strategies of territorial systems.

In the ambit of this project, the Foundation has worked extensively from the information and educational viewpoint to raise awareness of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), and has also carried out a number of operational schemes which have encouraged debates and dialogue between the various officials involved in the management of MPAs.

As regards its educational schemes, the Foundation has organized a cycle of three seminars and two workshops.

The seminarsanalysed the role played by marine protected areas in the sustainable development strategy of territorial systems, with in-depth studies of the following: : the evolution of the protection of marine areas nationally and internationally; marine protected areas in Italy; economic, social and environmental aspects; marine protected areas as a resource for implementing sustainable development paths in local systems.

The first Workshop “Marine protected areas and climate change” ”, consisted of three talks which dealt respectively with an analysis of international commitment in the fight against climate change, the links between marine protected areas and climate change, and European Union strategy for the protection of marine areas.

The second Workshop, of a technical-operational nature, addressed the subject of Marine protected areas and red tunny, taking an in-depth look at the international debate
On the same topic, the Foundation also organized an Event entitled “Marine Protected Areas and Sustainable Development in Territorial Systems” which was attended by many members of the academic, scientific and political community.

In addition, the Foundation promoted and organized a competition of ideas,”Youth and the sea” ”, which ended with a prize-giving ceremony held in Terracina on 2nd April 2008.

Finally, the Foundation has set up a Web Project

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