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“… A clock metaphor of time, marks the beginning of a cathartic sequence… the values, knowledge, participation and environment as the mechanism of an antique clock are visible, related and perfectly synchronized with each other, and how the gears of an effective mechanism they are placed to support the future of young people. It is so that the face of the young man, now a man, made strong and optimistic for the knowledge gained, look toward the future, toward its goals, represented here by the star and the horizon: he is thoughtful but also peaceful, because he is secure to achieve them.

The sea-water element, synthesized with two light waves, is the ideal environment in which we all want to lose illuminated by a time dimension that goes beyond reality. “

Federica Cappelli


On November 6, 2007, on initiative of Simone Cesaretti’s parents, Simona Bizzarri and Gian Paolo Cesaretti, and his cousins, Cecilia Bizzarri, Federico Bizzarri, Andrea Maria Perroni, Barbara Ruggeri and Francesco Ruggeri, was formed the Simone Cesaretti Foundation.
The Foundation, no-profit organization with unlimited duration, has been recognized as a legal entity governed by private law with the Executive Decree no. 334/2008 of the Campania Region, and was registered at no. 230 in the Register of legal entities, established by the Region of Campania – Industry Relations with provinces, municipalities, CC.MM .
The Foundation, by the establishment of networks between universities, research centers, public and private agencies, media companies, aims to contribute through studies, research, training and information, to improving public awareness on the issues of wellness and sustainability analyzed in the four visions of welfare: commercial, social, generational and central.
In particular, the Foundation intends to dedicate specific attention to the generational vision that looks at the well-being and his sustainability, putting in a perspective of youth inclusion. In fact, the sustainability of the welfare of society requires a Youth’s Society, that is a project for young people, able to make this social component of the red wire a sustainable horizon.
In relation to these issues, the Foundation intends to put in place appropriate strategies to raise awareness and communication, to facilitate the promotion of a global culture of sustainability of well-being.
The Simone Cesaretti Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of the following members, appointed by the Founding Members:

Gian Paolo Cesaretti – PRESIDENT
Professor Augusto Marinelli – VICE PRESIDENT
Simona Bizzarri – COMPONENT

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