Forum 2010

Echoes of April 2 – “Excellence for competitive development of the South.” Naples, Villa Doria d’Angri, 15.06.2010
The issue of sustainability of human development must be placed at the heart of the concerns of a responsible society. To be sustainable, human development must: meet the criteria of ethical principles which inspired it; be based on the principle of generational equity; be founded on a balanced and efficient allocation of resources among its various dimensions. Among the latter, in particular, the territorial dimension, in a context of global competition, assumes a strategic role. With this in mind, the Simone Cesaretti Foundation considers it important that the debate on the South does focus on the research of Competitive Sustainable Development Strategies, levering those representing its most important Excellencies. To this purpose, the event “Excellence for sustainable competitive development of the South”, organized by Simone Cesaretti Foundation has devoted considerable space to the most important Excellencies the southern Italy, on a scientific – cultural day divided into the following stages:

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