The Simone Cesaretti Foundation annually organizes a forum on sustainability and well-being that, in line with its aims, considers young people as key stakeholders in the target forum.
The goal of the Foundation is to make the Forum a stable reference point for the debate on sustainability of well-being; an important moment around which aggregate the best minds, skills and energy to discuss, analyze and examine in depht in a multidimensional and interdisciplinary way issues related to the sustainability of well-being, and to devise innovative solutions.
The Foundation aims to achieve this objective by:
- The careful selection of key issues on which, from time to time, make pivot to start the activities of the Forum, which is distinguished by its multidisciplinary and integrated nature;
- The careful identification of stakeholders, that is all participants from various institutions (government authorities, universities, research centers, non-governmental organizations) and of all those who are interested in issues related to the sustainability of well-being;
-the fulfillment of the integrated approach which the Foundation uses to deal with issues of sustainability of well-being.

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