Teaching and Educational Projects

Sustainable Development and climate change

The Educational Project “Sustainable Development and climate change” was proposed to provide a process  of training and increasing knowledge, aimed to raise awareness among students on issues of sustainable well-being. The project had the purpose of promoting awareness on issues of sustainable prosperity in its different visions: mercantile, eco-centric, social and generational; to deepen the links between sustainable well-being, climate change and generational sustainability; to realize concrete projects with students on particular issues in order to promote the learning of knowledge through participation in direct experience. The Project, which took place in the 2007/2008 school year, was divided into six educational meetings for students of the 5th grade of the Technical Commercial Institute “A. Bianchini” in Terracina.

Educating the respect of the environmental resource

The Simone Cesaretti Foundation presented the educational project “Educating the respect of the environmental resource” at the Technical Commercial Institute “A. Bianchini” in Terracina, on November 22, 2008. The goal of the project was to raise awareness among young people on the centrality of the environmental resource in pursuit of the well-being of the local systems. The pursuit of the well-being of the local systems, cannot be separated from respect for the environmental resource and, in this perspective, the role of education becomes essential. In particular, the environmental education is called to remove two obstacles: ignorance of the relationship that binds the individual to its environment and the habit to ignore the intrinsic value of the environment itself.

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