Our memory of Professor Rita Levi Montalcini

The memory of Gian Paolo Cesaretti – President of the Simone Cesaretti Foundation

My thoughts go to 4 October 2006, when I had the honor of meeting her for the first time. I had been delegated by my University to Laudatio Academica for an honorary degree conferred to the Dr. Pina Tripodi, friend and trusted collaborator of Professor Rita Levi Montalcini. She was also present.

At the edge of that event, the Professor wants to know me. I will always carry with me the beautiful words that she spend for me. But, above all, those who in some private meetings, subsequent to that date, the Professor gave me to encourage me to continue the project of establishing of the Simone Cesaretti Foundation.

She always shared the mission of the Foundation and expressed a lot of confidence in its activities. She showed, in particular, by accepting without question the role of Honorary President of the Foundation for the College of Sages, or, even more, when she just to contribute to our annual forum of April 2, 2009, a few days before her centenary, she decided to make use of new technologies by recording a touching video message. All in full compliance with what she declared, a few days later, on the occasion of his birthday: “I am the mind, the body do what it wants.”

Of all these privileges,all the member of the Foundation will be forever grateful, constantly trying to honor her name and her memory.

Beyond the obtained results by the Foundation, I owe so much to Rita Levi Montalcini who pushed me to go forward “without oil and against the wind.” I will forever remember, in my heart and in my mind, her words and her poem that she asked me to read he: the perfect image of a very private and shared memory.

Gian Paolo Cesaretti


The memory of Team Foundation

Our thoughts is more than affectionate to one who has guided her life to excellence. Tenacity, passion, optimism, freedom from psychological complexes are the characteristics that have made a normal woman our Professor.

Her example can only inspire our young people to be leaders of our own life, firmly believing that knowledge makes us free and that, like her, every obstacle that comes in our life can be an opportunity to improve ourselves. She said “when the body dies, survived what you did, the message you gave,” perhaps it is this philosophy that we should all acquire to get away.


“I say to young people: Do not think of yourself, thought to others. Think of the future that awaits you, think about what you can do, and do not fear anything. Do not fear the difficulties: I’ve been through a lot, and I crossed all without fear, with total indifference to me.”

“Better to add life to days, not days to life.”

Rita Levi-Montalcini

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