Master in Sustainable Competitive Development and Corporate Responsibility

The University of Naples “Parthenope”, the Free [...] International University for Social Studies Guido Carli ( LUISS )and the University of Florence, have established a second level intra-university Master’s degree in Sustainable Competitive Development and Corporate Responsibility in collaboration with Simone Cesaretti Foundation, as an Institution specialized on issues of sustainability.

The aim of the Master is to train people who have high specialized skills with an interdisciplinary and  multidimensional nature , relevant to competitive sustainable development issues and corporate responsibility. For this purpose, this training course  intends to include  the issue of corporate responsibility in the more general context of country/territory system strategies, aimed at the sustainable competitive development, proposing a training course able to create specialized professionals  figures with an integrated preparation that embraces both the theoretical aspects of sustainability of the development and the methodological tools of corporate responsibility applied to some strategic areas for development, as food,  green economy and tourism.

The Simone Cesaretti Foundation , as established by article 3 of the Additional Act for the Master in “Sustainable Competitive Development and Corporate Responsibility” signed with the University of Naples “Parthenope”, has organized activities to promote the initiative and seminars.

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