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Round Table: “Global Climate Agreement in 2015 and Right to Well -Being Sustainability: Are we moving from a trade approach to an integrated one?” Bucharest, 04 March 2016

The Simone Cesaretti Foundation is organizing the session “Global Climate Agreement in 2015 and Right to Well -Being Sustainability: Are we moving from a trade approach to an integrated one?” scheduled in the final day of the International Conference “Ecological Performance in a Competitive Economy” to be held in Bucharest on 3 and 4 March 2016.
The aim of the session is to create an exchange of view on the issue of Climate Change, addressing all its aspects and interrelations with the sustainability of well-being.

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Workshop: Water and Food security: Food-Water and Food Supply Value Chains – 2013.10.28.

It was held in Rome, on  November 28, at the INEA Institute, the workshop “Water and Food security: Food-Water and Food Supply Value Chains” organised by INEA in collaboration with Simone Cesaretti Foundation. The meeting was attended by prof. Tony Allan of King’s College London.

Technical Workshop: ecological imprint – 2013.10.22.

On October 22, 2013 was held in Rome at the INEA (National Agricultural Economic Institute), the Lecture of prof. Safwat h. Shakir Hanna, Senior Research Scientist and Professor at Texas Gulf Coast Environmental Data Center of Prairie View A & M University (Texas, USA). The aim of the lecture was to illustrate the methods and procedures for the estimation of the “ecological imprint”.

Roundtable: sustainability of the agro-food sector: looking for an optimal mix between subsidies and market – Rome, INEA, 2013.09.11.

 Simone Cesaretti Foundation organized the round table “sustainability of the agri-food sector: looking for an optimal mix between subsidies and market” held in Rome at the INEA on  September 11, 2013. The goal of the Roundtable was to organize moments for reflection and debate on the policies and strategies needed to determine an agri-food system capable of ensuring economic, environmental and, last but not least, social sustainability. The event has seen as protagonists the representatives of the institutions, agribusiness operators and actors of the knowledge system  to start a debate on available trajectories for pursuing sustainability.

Roundtable: Environmental, social and economic sustainability of the wine supply chain - Rome at the Hall of Columns, LUISS University, 2013.01.17.

The aim of the event, organized in collaboration with INEA, is to add an important element to the collection of studies on CSR in the agri-food system because, through the involvement of privileged witnesses, has contributed to a better definition of the growth strategies of the operators, to the understanding of the dynamics in place and a necessary reflection on possible development policies.

Workshop: Energy Efficiency and Share Social Responsibility – Naples, University of Naples “Parthenope”, 2012.06.18.

Workshop: Local Development, Energy Resources and Economic Diplomacy of Young Africa– in collaboration with Leonardo Business, Adriano Temple, Rome – Piazza di Pietra, 2011.10.11.

The Simone Cesaretti Foundation has promoted, in collaboration with Leonardo Business the realization of the section  “Local Development, Energy Resources and Economic Diplomacy of Young Africa”, within the program planned for the  Festival of Diplomacy 2011. Support for this event is part of the broad panorama of the Simone Cesaretti Foundation’s activities, aimed at the establishment of a patrimony of knowledge on key issues related to sustainable development.

Conference: South – bridge on the Mediterranean – “The southern Italy in the Mediterranean area crisis “. New challenges between problems and opportunities. Naples, Villa Doria d’Angri, 2011.04.08.

Round Table: Climate Change and Human Development Sustainability. Naples, Villa Doria d’Angri, 2010.06.08.

The Simone Cesaretti Foundation, recognizing that climate change imposes a radical change of approach to sustainable development reinforcing the centrality of the role of the youth component of human capital, has organized this round table, with the contribution and collaboration of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Naples “Parthenope” and of the National Institute of Agrarian Economy, INEA.

Symposion Exhibition . Naples, Villa Doria d’Angri, March-September 2010

On March 2010, the Simone Cesaretti Foundation, starting a collaboration with the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Tuscany and the UniCeSV Centre of the University of Florence, has been able to organize in Naples, in the picturesque setting of Villa Doria D’angri, an “Symposion” Exhibition , created by the Archaeological Museum of Florence.

The aim of the exhibition was to present, in a simple and concise way, the fundamental stages of the development of wine culture in all its various aspects, in the certainty that this knowledge could allow to appreciate and better understand its qualities. The goal was the study and promotion of certain aspects of the Mediterranean enological culture starting from prehistoric times until today, researching in the testimonies of the past both values of social and cultural identity, and useful items for the enhancement of typical local productions. The set up of the exhibition provide evidences for everything, offering a veritable journey through time. The historical knowledge, in addition to being the bearer of absolute cultural values,  can also help to raise the competitiveness of Italian productions, bolstering the image of wines produced on local and foreign markets, highlighting at the same time, the tourist attractiveness of the areas where they are produced.

Conference: Wine as the Heart of a territory: history, culture and gastronomy. Naples, Villa Doria d’Angri, 2010.03.17.

Simone Cesaretti Foundation within the project “young people, suspended between life and alcohol “, has organized this event with the aim to educate young people about  an high quality and responsible consumption of alcoholic production, in collaboration with the Italian Association of Sommeliers (A.I.S), the A.I.S. Basilicata, the A.I.S. Campania, University of Naples “Parthenope”, University Centre for research and training for the competitive development of enterprises in the Italian wine sector of the University of Florence (UniCeSV) and the  National Archaeological Museum in Florence.

Workshop: marine protected areas and bluefin tuna: the international debate, Naples,Villa Doria d’Angri, January 15, 2008.

Workshop: marine protected areas and climate change, Naples, Villa Doria d’Angri, January 23, 2008.

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