Operational Projects

1. System and sustainability of youth well-being: the role of the environmental aspect
In 2012, the Simone Cesaretti Foundation launched the project “Young system and sustainability of well-being: the role of environmental aspect” presented at the Forum: “young and sustainability of the welfare system: WWF Italy presentation” organized on October 5 in Naples (Italy) from the University of Naples “Parthenope” and Simone Cesaretti Foundation.
The project wants to enable the environmental dimension of replace young people at the center of the rebuilding and renovation process of contemporary society and to build their project for the future, identifying new job opportunities for universities students that will grow Italian economists, naturalists, biologists, educators, farmers, tour operators and all the professions in the environment field that are necessary for a more sustainable society.

2. Young people and alcohol, suspended between life and alcohol
The Simone Cesaretti Foundation wants to help bring a cultural change in the approach to wine tasting, promoting, among young people, the quality consumption of alcoholic production as a new style able to recognize to the wine a cultural, historical and evocative significance, beyond the hedonistic essence. All operators in the supply chain can play a key role in promoting, designing and testing new forms of social responsibility that wants to reach the education towards a consumption of alcoholic production quality. To this end, the Simone Cesaretti Foundation within the project “Young people, suspended between life and alcohol ” in collaboration with the Italian Association of Sommeliers (AIS), AIS Basilicata, the University Centre for Research and Training for the competitive development of companies in the Italian wine industry of the University of Florence (UniCeSV) and the Archaeological Museum of Florence has also organized the Conference “The wine heart of a region: History, Culture and Cuisine.”

3. Promotion and development of Marine Protected Areas
The Simone Cesaretti Foundation, as part of the promotion of Marine Protected Areas, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment, has put in place various operational initiatives that have stimulated debate and discussion, between the operators involved in various capacities of the field, compared to the economic, social, environmental and cultural interests related to the sustainable use of marine protected areas. In particular, the Foundation, in carrying out such activities involved in the first person responsible for the operational management of the Italian Marine Protected Areas, who in addition to participate actively and personally in the debate, they also provided information and promotional material that the Foundation distributed to the participants at the Forum: Marine Protected Areas and Sustainable Development in Regional Systems. In addition, the Foundation with the collaboration of the Protected Marine Area of Parco Sommerso della Gaiola and with the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies Gaiola, hosted the scientific proposed photo exhibition on the natural heritage, landscape and archaeological history of the coast of Posillipo.

4. Young and the sea
In 2008 with the creation of this project, the Simone Cesaretti Foundation organized an operational initiative directed exclusively to young people through the genesis of the ideas competition “Young People and the Sea”, whose main objective was to promote the see as resource by modes of communication that young people themselves consider effective to reach and sensitize their peers. The competition provided for the involvement of various Educational Institutions, from primary to high schools and the participation of more than 200 jobs to the selection. In addition, the Foundation organized an event, on April 2, 2008, at the City of Terracina, to give visibility and to reward projects that have shone the most, as well as the creative spirit and innovative nature and the originality of the development of campaigns of promotion and enhancement of the sea.

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