Forum 2008

Forum “The Young Man and the Sea” – Terracina, 02.04.2008

The Simone Cesaretti Foundation has, between his purposes, the full develop of the youth component of human capital as driving factor for sustainable well-being, that organized for the Forum of April 2, 2008  the competition “The Young and the Sea.” The competition wants to simplify the knowledge and increase the awareness of young people towards the sea, meant as environmental, economic, social and cultural “Resources System” to protect, use and value in a perspective of Sustainable Wellness. At the award ceremony of the winners of the competition “The Young and the Sea” was held a panel discussion attended by researchers and experts, journalists and documentary filmmakers, teachers, students and participants in the same contest. In order to give visibility to the realized project ideas the Foundation has set up, simultaneously to the conference, an exhibition of the many works received to reward and give visibility to the projects that are more characterized for the creative spirit and the innovative character, as well for the originality of the development of promotion and enhancement of the sea.

Opening session: Simona Bizzarri – Member of the Board of Directors of the Simone Cesaretti Foundation

Moderator jobs: Ilaria D’Amico

Presentation of the Simone Cesaretti Foundation: Augusto Marinelli – Dean of the University of Florence and Vice President of the Simone Cesaretti Foundation

Panel discussion:

Massimo Clementi – Director and underwater photographer

Aldo Cosentino – General Director of the Nature Protection of the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of the Land and the See

Marco Pecoraro Scanio – Senator of Republic

Cino Ricci – Skipper of “Azzurra”


Forum “Marine Protected Areas and Sustainable Development in Territorial Systems” – Naples, Villa Doria D’Angri, 31.01.2008

In the awareness of the centrality of Marine Protected Areas in the pursuit of strategies for the welfare sustainability, the Simone Cesaretti Foundation organized this Forum, under the project of awareness and promotion of Marine Protected Areas achieved with the active cooperation of the Ministry of the environment and the protection of the land and the sea. The speech provided an opportunity for fit together a reflection on sustainable wellbeing and on the role of Marine Protected Areas in the socio-economic and cultural background, not only locally but also globally.

F. E. Borrelli

Councillor for Agriculture, Parks and Protected Areas – Province of Naples

R. Caracciolo

Director of the Department of State of the environment – APAT

G. P. Cesaretti

President – Simone Cesaretti Foundation


General Director for the Protection of the Nature – Ministry of Environment and Protection of the Land and the Sea

G. Cundari

Councillor for Planning, Policies Territory, Building Public Housing, Agreements Program – Campania Region

R. Danovaro

Professor of the Faculty of Sciences, Department of Marine Sciences – Marche Polytechnic

G. Ferrara

Dean – University of Naples “Parthenope”

F. Mainenti

Director – ICRAM, Central Institute for Scientific and Technological Research Applied to the sea

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