Research Projects

1. Agroindustry and Sustainability of Wellness
Global agribusiness systems are increasingly being asked to provide their important contribution to the achievement of sustainable well-being, investing not only on the traditional levers of sectoral development but focusing more and more on carriers of economic, social, environmental and cultural advancement, summarizing, in fact, a strong focus on sustainability.
These considerations given, the Simone Cesaretti Foundation has launched a research project in partnership with the National Institute of Agricultural Economics (INEA) and the University of Naples Parthenope, aimed to investigate the inter-relationships between the agri-food system and the different dimensions of well-being and to outline strategies that, by insisting on these interrelationships, would be able to rearrange this system in a process of creating the sustainability of individual and collective well-being.
2. Sustainable development of the wine industry and of the territorial identity
In 2012 a partnership between the Simone Cesaretti Foundation and the University Centre for research and training came to life.Its purpose is for the competitive development of companies in the Italian wine industry of the University of Florence (UniCeSV) to provide scientific insights and moments of cultural diffusion about the link between the theme of regional identity and sustainability in the wine sector. Indeed, among the possible strategies for the pursuit of sustainability, the protection of identity plays a central role because it increases the sense of belonging of individuals to the model of economic, social, environmental and generational development, of which they are part. In particular, the project aims to build an initial mapping of the “excellence of sustainable winegrowing” interpreted such as those which are entrepreneurial realities with a behavior oriented toward responsibility with special regards to a model of ethical development, balanced and fair, and the deployment of strategies for the protection of the identities that may guarantee even more inclusion of the youth component.
3. Research on risk management in agriculture and new models for income stabilization
The Simone Cesaretti Foundation and the Italian Confederation of Farmers, in order to contribute to the debate started as part of the reform of the Collective Agricultural Policy on the need to develop new ways of earning stabilization of the agricultural enterprises, have made a review of insurance experience already established in other countries and determinated a working proposal applicable to the Italian context.
4. Economic valuation of biodiversity in agricultural areas with high natural value
This research project, begun in 2010 by Simone Cesaretti Foundation in collaboration with the National Institute of Agricultural Economics, aims to collect and to catalog information, analysis results, academic and business studies on the economic value of biodiversity. In particular, one of the main objective of this project is to develop and define an business evaluation model of the biodiversity of the agricultural areas with high natural value, that can be used by policy makers, entrepreneurs, academics and environmentalists in order to value these areas.

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