Climate change

The struggle against climate change is one of the most important and difficult challenges that must be overcome in order to pursue human development sustainability.

The importance of this issue and the implications for development sustainability have led the Simone Cesaretti Foundation to question itself on climate change and to field a number of measures intended to enrich the subject, collect in-depth contributions and spread knowledge.

In particular, with the aim of helping to develop the dynamic cycle of knowledge, promote a global culture of sustainability and draw young people to sustainability, the Foundation has set up the following activities:


- Climate change and forests: EU policies


- Sustainable development and climate change

- The Earth’s climate and… man


- “International Commitment to the fight against climate change”

2nd APRIL 2009 FORUM 2009

With this Forum, entitled “Values, Knowledge, Environment, Participation. Gears for human development sustainability”, the Simone Cesaretti Foundation analysed the issue of climate change in the light of the principles it considers fundamental for the implementation of a sustainable development process.


The Simone Cesaretti Foundation has devoted a section of the Portal of Sustainability to enriching the topic of climate change and collecting in-depth contributions.

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