Didactic and educational projects

The educational opportunities offered by the Foundation are also addressed to all secondary school students. Over time, the Foundation has created some didactic-educational projects on specific topics.

Didactic project: “Sustainable Development and Climate Change”

This project aimed to deepen students’ knowledge and raise their awareness of the issues of sustainable development. Structured in six meetings and addressed to fifth-formers of the Istituto Tecnico Commerciale “A. Bianchini” of Terracina, the project took place in the 2007/2008 school year. Its purpose was to study the various dimensions of sustainable development – economic, environmental, social, generational and territorial; to examine the relationships between sustainable development, climate change and generational sustainability; and to create concrete projects with the students on specific topics in order to further knowledge through participation in hands-on experiences.

Download “Sustainable Development and Climate Change”

Seminar: “Educating to respect the environment”

With this seminar the Foundation probed the stated topic by starting from the centrality of the environmental issue in international and EU development policies, as regards some of the challenges to the development of territorial systems. The seminar then analysed the environmental issue from the territorial angle, with respect to the components of a territorial system (stock of natural resources, formed of natural, scenic and cultural repositories; production installations; residential settlements and system of utilities/infrastructure), and studied the interdependence between territorial systems and environmental sustainability.

The Foundation went on to put forward an integrated approach for governance as an answer to the environmental issue; in other words, a strategic approach on three levels of integration: between receivers (citizens, business, providers of public utilities and infrastructures), tools (regulations, demand trends and development of eco-innovations), and institutions (international, EU, national and local). Further, it illustrated examples of operational action for the pursuit of environmental sustainability on the basis of an integrated approach, concentrating on the various elements of the natural repositories. Finally, the Foundation provided food for thought on the fundamental contribution made by education towards respect for the environment as a resource, and on the strategic role which local associations can play in this kind of education.

Seminar on environmental education

at the “Ophris” Environmental Education Centre of the InFEA regional network during the Exhibition/Conference “Journey into Italian Geology: Geology and Tourism” in the framework of InFEA-related regional programming.

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