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Now, more than ever, the question of human development sustainability must become the focus of the concerns of a responsible society. In order to be sustainable, human development must be grounded on ethical principles; on a balanced, efficient allocation of resources among its various dimensions; on the principle of generational equity.

This ideal model of global sustainability calls for the ability to draw development trajectories for each dimension, which are able to meet three conditions:

Define shared and observed rules;
Single out and promote new behavioural models;
Overcome the challenges to sustainability.

The global nature of sustainability calls for an integrated approach on three fronts to address the various critical situations. The first should develop international cooperation on a multilateral, bilateral and regional level. The second should ensure that the major powers will not shy from making their all-important contribution. And the third requires that all the stakeholders in the global society shall adopt behavioural models based on the principle of joint and several responsibility.

Gian Paolo Cesaretti

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